For the updated post about iPods published in 2010, click HERE.

This article shared by a student set off a great conversation in class this morning. Seeing the article’s examples of teachers integrating mp3 players in the classroom, we asked the question “Why don’t we allow mp3 players at school?“. The students were able to identify some key issues with mp3 players at school.

  • They could be used to cheat.
  • Students listening mp3 players may be slacking off.
  • Mp3 players could be a distraction to students.
  • Valuable electronic devices could be lost or stolen.

Even more impressive, were the astute reasons why we could have mp3 players at school.

  • Some students may learn better from audio.
  • If lessons and instruction can be listened to on your mp3 player before class, students will have more time to work during class.
  • A podcast may be more interesting that some classes or the textbook.
  • It might be helpful for teachers teaching the same lesson more than once, they won’t leave anything out.
  • It is easy to rewind and listen to something you missed or understand teachers who talk too fast.
  • It is an easy way to share the lesson with students who were absent.
  • Studying from the teacher podcast might be more accurate than notes.

If a school is planning to incorporate technology such as mp3 players, it is a great challenge to create a responsible educational climate where this can occur effectively. Also, where do you find the time to train educators to efficiently use this technology in class? I hope the discussion can begin here. What are your thoughts or experiences with mp3 players at school?