Today the class meet online for a virtual fieldtrip at Runescape. Everyone signed up and logged in. We discussed the sign up procedures and the type of personal information that was required. We reviewed the terms of service and the privacy policy. Then we met in the game and communicated using the chat feature in the game.

Now the challenge begins, you have 2 classes to find and collect as many of the following items as possible. You will have to collaborate and cooperate with your classmates to collectively amass these items within class time. This is a classroom activity and I should not receive emails from parents claiming I told you to play Runescape for homework. You will have 15 minutes to formulate a plan and then all communication will take place on the Clan Chat. Once your class has collected all the items, you must visit my character to show me the items. Good luck and may the class that collaborates, communicates and works as a team complete the list.


Rune Gold Trim

5 Unicorn’s Horns

10 Lobsters

Work together to defeat a Dragon

10 Yew Logs

5 Mithril Bars

10 Bronze Bars

10000 Gold

25 Logs

25 Copper Ore

25 Tin ore

Please post your reflection on how the first day went. Did you have a task to complete? Were you communicating with your classmates? Will you be able to accomplish all the tasks?