There is a new tool that allows you to check the reading level of your blog and then paste a rating badge on your own site. A quick search of the key words “blog readability test” will turn up a lot of bloggers testing themselves but no one really seems to know how it is calculated. Furthermore, the code for the badge has a link for a cash advance site making it seem more like a creative advertising tool that is sweeping the internet. What a smart way to get an idea across to multiple blogs and their readers.


Continuing on the topic of reading, Amazon has come out with a new product called Kindle. Kindle can download books and web subscriptions directly to the device without wires or syncing to your computer. Amazon uses an EV-DO network transmit the items you choose to buy from them. EV-DO is a wireless network broadcast through radio signals which is stronger than your typical wifi so you don’t have to search as hard to find a signal. For all of the features, check out the video.

The new product has already receive some critical reviews on the Amazon site challenging the usefulness of the product and the willingness of consumers to shift to ebooks. The entertaining forum discussion on IPOD vs. Kindle raised some of these points. To use the product though, you must agree to the Terms of Service which have also come under some criticism for placing strict restrictions on the content you buy using DRM (Digital Rights Management). Unlike your favorite paperback, you cannot digitally share the story you purchase on your Kindle.

Imagine if all the books you read in Language Arts were on the Kindle, it would be easier to carry them around.

How do you feel about reading books from a device rather than paper?