There are many online games that can be added to existing units and give students an interactive way to learn about a particular topic. In some cases, these games have been created to highlight an issue or increase awareness through a medium familiar to students.

For teachers and parents, this site presented by the Entertainment Consumers Association has lots of information covering new issues and studies about video games.

Here are several examples that I have come across and I encourage you to try them out (Click on the image or title for the link). Also, if you come across a good educational game that is not on the list, please leave a comment with the link. I have tried to avoid general online gaming websites and focus on games that have been created with an educational purpose in mind.



This game by MTV was created to highlight the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. It is a hard game to play as it tries to represent the difficult living conditions of the people of Darfur. The site also has background information about the situation in Sudan.


This game was created to increase awareness of whaling in the pacific. The Harpooned site has a link to the Greenpeace page but I did not see any recommendations for the game the Greenpeace site. A news article had this quote from the creator of the game.

“If people [are] offended by the game they should be even more offended by real whaling, I hope people make the next logical step and realise that reality is much worse than a video game.”



This game was create by the UN World Food Program. The site describes the game as “Comprised of 6 mini-games or “missions”, the game takes young players from an initial crisis assessment through to delivery and distribution of food aid, with each sequential mission addressing a particular aspect of this challenging process.” There are also educational resources for teachers on the site.



This game allows players to choose a side in the conflict and try to bring peace to the conflict. It incorporates news stories into the game and encourages players to seek a peaceful solution.

BBC History has several games that highlight various aspects of life in ancient Egypt.



Acting as Vizier to the Pharaoh, you are tasked with building a pyramid. There are several decisions to be made and tasks to be completed.



You play the role of Chief Embalmer as you learn more about the mummification process. Try not to disappoint the Pharaoh.



This is a detailed mystery game that requires you to put the clues together to complete the adventure.