The Wayback Machine allows you to view archived versions of a website so that you can see what it looked like as far back as 1996 for some sites. The site was featured in Professor Wesch’s “The Machine is Us/ing Us” video. If you are curious to see how web design has evolved and how specific sites have adjusted the way that they display information, search the archives for older versions of your favorite sites.

Alexa.com is a great resource to find out more about a website, learn how it ranks for visitor traffic or even compare it with other sites. It even has a link to the Wayback Machine so that you can see older versions of the site.

Unfortunately, I am neither a mover, nor a shaker as I don’t rank in the top 100,000 websitesalexadil

For sites that do rank in the top 100,000, there is a lot of information that you can view including:

  • Percent of global Internet users who visit this site
  • Average number of page views by day or over 3 months
  • Breakdown of visitors by country
  • Number of visitors from each country

This graph illustrates how you can compare traffic amongst various sites and see how their ranking has changed over time.


If you have a personalized Google page, you can review your own browsing history by accessing My Account from the top right corner of the page.

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Google Web History will record all of your searches and the sites you visited from Google while you were logged on. It has them organized by date and several ways to search through all the data. You can search by date, keyword, video, images, news to find sites that you visited in the past. You can also view your web trends such a the frequency of your search activity and the top searches and clicks.

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