This is a novel Web 2.0 approach to learning that combines social networking and user content in a simple interface to connect students and teachers around the world. The School of Everything allows the registered user to connect with a teacher of the topic that they want to learn about or for teachers to advertise what they can teach. It was started in the UK but recently launched internationally. The website states that: “We hope that teachers will use the site to find learning, and that people who start out learning will find something to teach through us.” so it would seem that they is no qualification to registering as a teacher on the site, so caveat emptor. The students can be anybody who wants to learn about a topic. According to the Terms of Service you must be 18 to join the site.

“At School of Everything, we believe that learning is personal, and starts not with what you ‘should’ learn but with what you’re interested in. Our goal is to do for education what YouTube has done for television, or what eBay did for retail: to open up a huge and fertile space between the professional and the amateur. A space where people teach what they know and learn what they don’t.”

While the site won’t have a direct impact on your GPA or number of course credits, it is a creative new approach to learning. I couldn’t find an Esperanto teacher on the site but it could just be a matter of time before this idea catches on. Imagine something like this was offered within your school, could it work?