Many people have been blogging about the challenges of 21st Century Learning. You can read the ongoing discussions on many blogs and articles online.

Time Magazine wrote about changing the way we think about education back in 2006.

Will Richardson passionately asked the question “how in god’s name can we talk seriously about 21st Century skills for kids if we’re not talking 21st Century skills for educators first?”

Denis Harter posed three questions to instigate the discussion about the topic

What are the best ways to get teachers on board?

How can administrators be convinced of this need?

How can curriculum be re-shaped without stepping on the toes of existing content curriculum?

Kim Cofino regularly showcases her ideas and projects aimed at integrating 21st century learning into the curriculum.

Andrew Churches has a great selection of rubrics and resources for the 21st century teacher as part of his Education Origami Project.

Before considering where we are going, Scott MacLeod just posted this video on his blog that could serve as a great place to begin.