I have updated the Teacher Resources page with some new open course ware sites and I just thought I would highlight a couple of them. The video above explains the origin and the concept behind MIT’s open course ware.

MIT Open Course Ware offers free lecture notes, exams, and videos from MIT courses. You could potentially attend an entire course and take the exam. The MIT channel at Youtube also has over 700 lectures that you can view. If you can’t find what you are looking for at MIT, you can always try the OCW consortium.

“The OpenCourseWare Consortium is a collaboration of more than 200 higher education institutions and associated organizations from around the world creating a broad and deep body of open educational content using a shared model.”

The site functions in much the same way as the MIT site but give you access to a great number of courses from over 200 institutions. For an institution to participate, they must share at least 10 courses according to some general guidelines outlined here but I could not find any specific reference to the agreed upon format.

“Curriki is more than your average website; we’re a community of educators, learners and committed education experts who are working together to create quality materials that will benefit teachers and students around the world.”

Resources on Curriki are easily accessed through search and browse features. According the the site, the project has been created by the Global Education and Learning Community under the patronage of Sun Microsystems. The site also offers several collaborative tools to connect with other educators such as a group function.

The OER Commons allows teachers to share resources online as Open Course Ware and includes resources for primary and secondary students. The site is very accessible and offers multiple methods to sort through content based on tags, ratings, popularity or subject.  There are thousands of resources varying by subject area, however, they commonly include links to supporting materials and in some cases audio or video recordings of the lesson.