Google continues to to make headlines and not just limited to the Chrome browser.

This site reports several security flaws with the browser and more will continue to be reported which is not too surprising for the beta.


More interesting and entertaining has been the uproar over the terms of service and the discussions it has led to. Many reflections on Google’s unofficial slogan: “Don’t be evil“. Scott Hansen at ISO50 raises some interesting points about where Google might be going.

“If you thought MS had a monopoly, imagine a world where the same company makes the OS, browser, and search technology you use.”

Google now has the search engine, the browser, and an operating system as well as copious amounts of data on users. This blogger makes an impressive summary of how and where Google(and other sites it owns) collect data from users. ABC news posted this story drawing comparisons between Google and Big Brother.


After reading these stories, I began to wonder who is saying something good about Google and did a search for Google is good. This article from the Globe and Mail stated that “Google is indeed a good stock.”, although it went on to express some caution about future earnings. The New York Times gave an interesting comparison between Google and Microsoft as Google celebrates it’s 10th birthday. Look at these stats from the article:

Google’s revenue in the last 4 quarters: $19.6 billion

Microsoft’s revenue at age 10: $140 million
($279 million in today’s dollars)

Google’s revenue per employee: $1 million
Microsoft revenue per employee: $672,000