There is a new search engine called iSearch and it offers some very interesting features. You can search for people by:

  • Name
  • Screen Name
  • Phone Number

When it displays search results you can break down your results by:

  • Professional Info
  • Public Records
  • Social Network
  • White Pages
  • Emails & Domains
  • News & Blogs

You can also click on an individual result which displays social networking groups they belong to and current contact details although at this point you have to pay to access further information. Also you can run a Background Report.

Most of the results from searches I ran list only people based in the U.S.  The Terms of Service mention that the site is governed by Washington Law which suggests that it may be an American based service.

Now much of this information has been on the internet for years but with the development of a search engine that is specifically designed to find personal information may been startling to some.

Do you feel comfortable having that information at your fingertips?

Do you feel comfortable that someone has your information at their fingertips?

Here is what iSearch had to say in the FAQ Section

What if you don’t want your profile displayed at iSearch?

As consumers continue to become savvy users of tools such as social networking, white pages and other search tools, they will become aware of the importance of managing their off and online identity as it is visible to the general public. iSearch does plan to offer a courtesy suppression service. We are currently determining the best process by which to verify and accommodate such a request. Details on this process are TBA. We also believe consumers will continue to recognize and reap the benefits of such tools – benefits including increased ability to remain in touch with friends and associates and opportunities to network and build communities.

You can read more about it at Wired.