Here are some great resources and inspiration for building effective presenationts. Click on the images belows to access some fantastic blogs.

Guy Kawasaki – The author of The Art of the Start and the creator of The blog showcases neat ideas being pitched

Garr Reynolds – The author of Presentation Zen and director of Design Matters Japan. He regularly posts examples of great presentations with a detailed synopsis.

Nancy Duarte – Director of Duarte Desgin whose projects include slides for An Inconvenient Truth. Her blog promotes her new book Slide:ology and contains presentation resources and tips for designing your slides.

Cliff Atkinson – Communications expert and the author of Beyond Bullet Points.

Chip & Dan Heath – Authors of Made to Stick also have a blog to promote their book. Although they do not focus on presentations, their concept of “sticky” ideas can provide inspiration and they have some great posts about teachers.

Apollo Ideas – A presentation consulting and design company and winner of the World’s Best Presentation at Slideshare. The blog is a mix of ideas and tips to make an effective presentation.

Ethos3 – A Nashville based company specializing in presentation design. There are a lots of ideas and resources on the blog as well as some great presentations.

Tudor Girba – A Swiss based researcher who has posted work at Slideshare. His blog has some great resources on the use of fonts and whitespace.