ACOT2 (Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow – Today) published in April of 2008 is a great resource for 21st Century learning.

“The goal of ACOT2 is more targeted: to help high schools get closer to creating the kind of learning environment this generation of students needs, wants, and expects so they will stay in school.”

The study is organized around 6 Design Principles and is strongly referenced to additional articles and resources, most of which can be found on the web.


The Horizon Report 2009

“seeks to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have considerable impact on teaching, learning, and creative expression within higher education.”

They have also published the Horizon  Report K-12 Edition that focuses on the impact of these emerging technologies on K-12 education.

It is published by the New Media Consortium, a non-profit organization grouping of organizations committed to developing and using new technologies, and Educause, a non-profit organization that promotes intelligent use of technology in higher education.

Two of the most important findings of this edition are the 6 Technologies to Watch and the 5 key trends.

6 Technologies

  1. Collaborative Environments
  2. Online Communication Tools
  3. Mobiles
  4. Cloud Computing
  5. Smart Objects
  6. The Personal Web

5 Key Trends

  1. Technology continues to profoundly affect the way we work, collaborate, communicate, and succeed.
  2. Technology is increasingly a means for empowering students, a method for communication and socializing, and a ubiquitous, transparent part of their lives.
  3. The web is an increasingly personal experience.
  4. The way we think of learning environments is changing.
  5. The perceived value of innovation and creativity is increasing.