More details about the Bloom Energy’s products were revealed at a press conference yesterday.

This video on their site provides a graphic explanation how their fuel cells work.

Bloom Energy has already partnered with several companies who are successfully trialing the energy servers at some of their facilities. These companies include Walmart, Fedex, EBAY, and Google to name a few. This press release from Bloom Energy provides more details on how these companies are using the servers.

“The Bloom Energy fuel cell is essentially a flat piece of sand made from a process dubbed “Powder to Power.” The cell can run on a variety of fuels, including traditional fuel, natural gas, biomass gas, landfill gas, and ethanol–all without the need to use complex chemical plants for processing. A single cell-filled Bloom Box provides 100 kW of power and has a 3 to 5 year payback period with fixed costs for 10 years. Any piece of the device that isn’t working can be swapped out without bringing down the whole thing.”