I was reviewing my blog stats and noticed that the most regularly read post is iPods in the class.

Here is an updated post on iPods with more links and resources for people interested integrating these devices into the classroom.

Netbooks, mobile phones, laptops and iPods ( iPhones and iPads as well) offer students the ability to

  • access information
  • connect with one another
  • collaborate with one another
  • create content
  • share content

As this article suggests, educational content is going digital so it would make sense to equip students with the necessary tools to access and investigate said content. Assuming your school is in agreement with this approach, the question has shifted from:

“Why use iPods in the classrom?”


“How can iPods be used to improve teaching and learning?”

Here are some resources and examples:

iPod Learner’s Permit – Kim Cofino at International School Bangkok writes about how they created a sign out system for using iPods through the Library.

Apple iPod Touch Resources – This is an impressive list of resources on the Apple Learning Exchange. If you scroll down on the left, you can search for resources by subject or grade level.

iTunesU – iTunes university is an educational extension of iTunes can be accessed through your iTunes. Schools can apply for a channel on iTunesU to distribute custom educational content or individuals can search through existing channels and download resources onto their ipods. Universities such as DUKE and STANFORD have their own channels where you can access course lectures and more. This article highlights several examples of iTunesU being used for K-12 education.

Handheld Learning – This websites has a information on resources and conferences related to the use of handheld devices in the classroom. Just type ipods into the search bars at the top of the page.

iPod in Education – A great collection of news and resources focusing on iPods.