Microsoft Pivot is a program that allows the user to view large amounts data. Additionally, it can be used to browse the web, although not in the traditional sense as demonstrated in the video below. The program is available for download but be aware of the system requirements listed.

Pivot is definitely a great way to explore large amounts of data.

For web browsing, it seems to depend more on the nature of the pages. Gary Flake gave several examples of how Pivot could be used for web browsing demonstrating the zoom feature of perusing content.

  1. Searching content within a site – Browsing Sports Illustrated Magazine by Covers and sorting issues by metadata linked to each issue.
  2. Navigating through webs of connected content – Wikipedia content is displayed as small summaries of the articles, connections among article are much more apparent in Pivot.
  3. Browsing History – Pages visited are displayed as snapshots and can be viewed all at the same time.

In each example, the strengths of Pivot include the way in which it displays multiple web pages  in a macro view and the ability to sort the web pages using different types of metadata.