Howard Rheingold on Building an information dashboard. (Parts 2 & 3 here)


Finding sites/people that matter

Here are some strategies for locating information that is relevant for you:

  • Begin with people or sources that you know and look for links that they follow.
  • Use Google Alerts to track links, these alerts can be setup to arrive as an email or an RSS
  • Alltop and blogged are directories arranged by categories. Click on the images to go to the education directory for each site.
  • Twellow is the yellow pages for Twitter. The link will take you to the education directory.

Taking it all in

It is most likely that most sources that you would like to follow will be available in three formats:

  • For Email newsletters, I would recommend setting up some Outlook Rules. In this way, newsletters can be automatically redirected to a specific folder.
  • Most blogs and news sites will have an RSS feed, usually indicated by this symbol. RSS feeds can be followed using services such as Netvibes or iGoogle.
  • If you are using Twitter, I recommend Tweetdeck as a great tool to aggregate and filter who you follow. It is accessible on computers and mobile devices.
  • Sharing the your links

    Once you are successfully set up, you will want to start bookmarking and sharing links with colleagues.

    Social Bookmarking is a great way to save important links and share them with others. I recommend using Diigo to collect and share links.